At AIMS we believe we offer an unequalled response time.  Subject to stock we endeavour to get to your premises in the shortest possible time following your call, so that you don’t run short of stock.  We do this 7 days a week including Bank Holidays!




AIMS Refreshments carry a large range of products to suit most venues.  We stock most of the major brewers keg beers and lagers, along with all types of soft drinks,bottled beers, ciders, energy drinks, wines and spirits.  We also sell glasses, beer line cleaner and glass washing Products, and many more.


                                       OPEN EVERY DAY


Not strictly true, we do actually close on Christmas day.  However you can always leave a message and have a delivery on the next working day.  AIMS is open every Saturday, Sunday and most Bank Holidays and will deliver the same day.




If for whatever reason, you’d prefer to collect from us, our warehouse is open from 9.00- 4.00pm Monday to Friday. Collections on weekends and Bank Holidays should be confirmed by telephone prior to your visit.  We offer discounts on some items if you collect.




We don’t always have the best prices on every product, but with many of our freehold customers now on total supply with us, we must have the right package.  We keep our overheads low, buy in bulk and pass the savings on.  What more can you ask.


                                        AIMS WHO? 

OK, so you’ve never heard of us.  We are now in our 21st successful year doing everything we say we do, just as we always have.  The only difference is that we’ve got bigger and better without dropping our service levels.  Who else can claim that?